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how the world trades.
The BlockEx Digital Asset Exchange Platform manages the entire lifecycle of blockchain based digital assets, including origination, issuance, exchange, settlement and redemption. The DAxP includes a digital asset creation tool, exchange, clearing, settlement, registry and Brokerage Software. The exchange is HFT capable with institutional connectivity via API FIX and ITCH protocols and is digital asset frame work (Blockchain/DLT) agnostic.
Brokerage Software
Digital Asset Creation
Bonds, Loans, ICOs
Why Blockchain
Separating the value
from the hype
The BlockEx Digital Asset Exchange Platform is fully API driven and permissioned. This allows all features of the platform to be used independently as its own product whether is asset creation tool, post trade services or the exchange's matching engine.
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how the world trades.
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Edd's Market Summary - 09/02/2018
A dramatic week comes to an end. The dust is only just beginning to settle, while a few wounds are undoubtedly being licked. This week, the Dow Jones closed down almost 5%, the worst day of trading in almost 8 years!!! It is not too much of a surprise that the crypto markets took a similar hammering. While many are trying to draw direct comparisons and correlations between the crypto markets and …
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